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The book begins with philanthropist Ise Bosch discussing her own socialization, her inheritance, and how she formed her own political views. She didn’t only inherit money, she inherited an idea… Justus Eisfeld and Claudia Bollwinkel show how effective transformative philanthropy can be and enlist the voices of individuals who have personal experience of Bosch’s approach. Justus Eisfeld draws on interviews he conducted with those individuals in the United States, Germany, and South Africa, while Claudia Bollwinkel analyzes what Dreilinden’s funding activities have achieved in the past ten years.
With an introduction by Michael Alberg-Seberich.


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More Humane Societies

“Societies become more humane and stronger when gender roles are less strictly binary and less hierarchical,” says Ise Bosch. Social movements around the world that champion the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, and queer people are altering power relationships around the world. Giving with trust creates a sustainable foundation for fostering that development.

Photo: © No Tengo Miedo

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Is It Possible to “Give with Solidarity”?

What does “solidarity” mean? If solidarity is a voluntary feeling of unity within a group, then respectful giving and taking are the core idea at the heart of solidarity. This is what is called horizontal giving. When things are shared this way, a special kind of power can evolve.

Photo: Ise Bosch with Bob Alotta, executive director of the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice. © Elias Gurrola

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What People Are Saying

“Ise Bosch is a philanthropist who has travelled the distance. During my career leading a foundation, teaching about philanthropy and now editing Alliance magazine, I’ve wondered whether there is such a thing as ultimate philanthropy? What might it look like? How might it be practiced? For a glimpse, read this book.”

Charles Keidan
Alliance Magazine, London

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What People Are Saying

“Bosch’s thinking will resonate with anyone looking to transform the way they think about themselves, power, and their giving. She shares her compelling personal journey, and in so doing convincingly illustrates how one person can make a huge difference working collaboratively with others. Combining vision, thoughtful risk taking, and practical guidance, Bosch shows us how trust is a much-needed bridge between and among individuals, institutions, and movements. Her unassuming leadership gifts us with a pathway to a truly transformative philanthropy.”

Katherine Acey, lesbian feminist, human rights activist and philanthropist


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What People Are Saying

“This book explains what enlightened giving is, and how it is possible to pursue philanthropy in a critical, reflective way. All too often, philanthropy is regarded disparagingly, as some people fear that the existence of private donations and foundations could exonerate the state of its social and political obligations. But this book about the life’s work of Ise Bosch and her charitable fund Dreilinden shows the decisive impact philanthropy can have in the fields of social justice and international human rights by drawing attention to those people and those issues that are all too frequently ignored and forgotten.”

Carolin Emcke, author and journalist
Winner of the 2016 Peace Prize of the German Book Trade

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Interview Justus und Ise


What transformative philanthropy means

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